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February 06, 2011


Tina Phillips

This sounds really intriguing....sometimes we get overwhelemed with trying to put together the perfect page and the perfect book and feeling like we have to scrap everything!

Kelly Massman

I love the papers you used for your project! I sort of like the idea of using divided protectors but still creating adorable traditional projects to add to the pages! I've thought of doing it but really enjoy making "traditional" layouts! Love what you've done!


LOVE the idea! This actually makes me want to pull out my camera and take pictures again. I hate to admit, but I stopped taking as much pictures because I didn't have time or resources to scrapbook it. This makes it so much more possible, and at the end, you have a full year of memories! AWESOME!

Lynette C

I use divided protectors from time to time. I find them very useful.


I love this idea! I have not used divided protectors but seen others share about using them on their blog.

Tina  M.

I am a memeber!!! I love this idea, I need to get ahold of you and order an album though....Hmmmm, since I am a memeber if I were to win the January kit, my sister would get a great treat!!! Thanks Kim.

Wendy Peatross

This is a great idea. Good luck with all of the fun new things at ETM!

Anita Gantt

This is such a great idea. I'm sure it will get a lot of us re-motivated. Thanks


I am in serious need of some motivation when it comes to my scrapbooking and this looks like it might do the trick.

Robyn Mehmke

When is your store open? I need some things in the morning.

Kim Rose

Hi Robyn! Did you get my email? Feel free to call me at 208-243-0245. Thanks!

Tammie Andreason

I like using the divided protectors and like that there are different styles of them. You always come up with great ideas. Nice to have you around to inspire us.


Oh goodness...I hope I am not to late!! I guess I am going to have to order a binder!!

cindy bettinger

I think it's a really good idea - there are lots of people who need a little accountability and motivation to do what they know they need to do! your project looks like just the thing!

marie sierra

well hi kim! greetings from maryland! i love the idea that YOU are showing the way to get this scrap project started and then we commit to working on this every month to have a finished book as the goal at the end of the year...awesome idea!
marie sierra

Denise Heaton

Hi Kim...thanks for calling me back a few weeks ago. I am really excited about the new page protectors that you carry and that you have the 12 x 12 3-ring leather binders. (I am your Donny Osmond Buddy). I will get to your store soon. I had to put my scrapbook project away for a few weeks and I am getting ready to start next week again. I wish I was going to be in town on Saturday, I would love to come the the open house. Keep us posted and I can't wait to get started on my 2011 album with your amazing new idea. I LOVE, LOVE it. Denise

Monna Casper

This would really work for me. I love to scrap but don't have a lot of time. Placing my picture in these protector sheets with a little note means that I can use this picture when there is time to do a full layout.

Katie Flynn

Such a good idea Kim!!!! I'm going to try taking a picture everyday. I'll probably fail, but I'm going to TRY!

Diane S.,

I am committed to doing this with you!! I would like to possibly get an album from you sent with my next kit? Love the idea and encourage everyone to sign up for your kits and get going!! Amazing product in the kits!

sandy sh

Taking 'a picture a day' will open your eyes to all the small details of your life that you don't even think about making an entire scrapbook page about! those divided protectors will be perfect for these little pieces of your world!

Catherine Schroeder

Well, I am totally into #1 focusing on photography... that would be my weakness when it comes to scrapping... first I don't take enough photos and I want to better the quality of my pictures. I really love the idea of the journaling cards. I am incredibly lazing when it comes to journaling! Thanks for the chance to win a January kit! :D

Tina  M.

I am a memeber!!! I love this idea! Hmmmm, since I am a memeber if I were to win the January kit, my sister would get a great treat!!!

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