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January 03, 2011



you need to zip the photos and send them ASAP or mail a disk! And "drama".....WHAT DRAMA????? There was only a near murder....make that a couple!

Julie Baker

Oh Kim I am so excited for you all that you were able to make such AMAZING memories! We were very happy that were were able to go home for the holidays! It was a fast trip on Chriatmas eve we arrived at like 7:30 pm. Had a fun night with he kids making home made pizza, and opened gifts( My daughter 23 yrs old begged and pleaded that we open them then LOL). She was so excited about what she got me that she could not wait.. The gift did indeed bring me to tears... They gave me a beautiful gold necklace that says mom with lil flowers on each side. It was an emotional moment.. Christmas day was started off with Biscuits and gravy for breakfast with the kids and the after noon split between visiting my best friend Jenni and her girls and hanging out at my moms for dinner with some of my sisters and their kids! After that we headed home as we were having company the next day for a Christmas dinner. The day after was spent with my husbands twin brother and his 2 kids as well as my dear friend Shawna and her husband and kids...
All in all it was an AWSOME holiday!!!!

Tammie Andreason

Christmas was emotional this year after the losses we had in our family. But we had so much fun being together starting new traditions and for me enjoying having two grandchildren the oldest being about 2 1/2. My sister and bro in law were here my dad lives down the street and my other two children live in town. We are just a small family. We opened gifts Christmas Eve so the kids can go to their inlaws Christmas Day. Found these great Christmas shopping bags at Freddies so the kids had something to take home their loot. Ha ha I started filling the bags with little fun things and favorite treats. There was still room but they became like a stocking for me to fill. Had one for my sis. and her husband also and my dad. I told them I get the bags back so I can do it again next year. So now I can watch for goodies all year long. Lots of love some tears but blessed to be together as family...Tammie


Good pictures, Disney looks so fun at Christmas! I must admit, I am a little jealous that you and Jenn have kids close in age and you are in your own little family club when it comes to vacations like Lagoon and Disney...
Glad you had fun.

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