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December 14, 2010


Tina  M.

Love the card, great picture. We do little trays of fudge & cookies and for a few they get jars of home canned pickled asperagas, I always make little gift tags for them all. Last minute things I am trying to finish is our kids both moved into their own homes and want pictures for the walls, yes how fun is that so I am always up for free scrap supplies, and I always share with my sister!!! Thank you for the chance and happy holidays to you and yours.

Cindy Mathews

last years was a fun one. a box of those theater whoppers, covered in white paper with a snowman face on it,and the hat for the snowman was made of two of those stretchy gloves (one in side the other) stretched over the top and all the fingers tied together with curling ribbon.

Terressa T.

I have never had the chance to do "neighbor" gifts before...I am super excited to do them this year!! I am doing soup in a jar and maybe a little box of jiffy cornbread and a tag that says "we knew in a 'jiffy' that you were a 'souper' neighbor. Merry Christmas!" or I will be giving these to the women I visit each month, "we 'tissue' a Merry Christmas" attached to a box of kleenex-super practical and catchy :D

Terressa T.

I am a Facebook follower!!


Kim, love the card what an awesome family...
Keeping it simple this year, hmmm neighbor gifts not usually. But loving the whole magic of the season thing going on. Blessed with good friends and family....


We are making chocolate dipped pretzels for our neighbors. We try to change it up every year.


I am a total facebook follower!


Great family card and Alicia's card is gorgeous!


I commented on Alicia's blog


I'm a FB fan of yours. Also, plates of homemade cookies tend to be our neighbor gifts.

Marian H

This year, I went to Home Depot on Black Friday and purchased .99 Pointsettias for my neighbors. We delivered them that next Sunday. I have had some many thank yous because they've been able to enjoy them all season long.


Your family photo is beautiful! I'm hoping that next year, I might make my own photo card instead of using a template from Sam's Club... we'll see! :)

The Gulianna and Santa layout is just stunning.

I left a FB comment about my neighbor gifts at Thanksgiving this year-- a loaf of freshly baked homemade bread tied with a ribbon and a little handmade tag. I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do for Christmas!


oh, and P.S. I'm a fan on FB!

alicia king

I've never given out 'neighbor gifts'...we've been trying to perfect a cinnamon roll recipe, so that we can make a plate of those, but haven't found a good one yet!

by the way,I can't take the credit for the card, I didn't make it! It's very cute!


I just found your blog from Ucreate and love it! Thanks for the great ideas. I am an avid scrapbooker and would LOVE to win the kit!

jen shears

Love the card! :)
I, too, have waaaay too much left on my list! I always say I'll be done sooner, but here I am... boo.
I usually do baked goods for the neighbors! :)

jen shears

And I 'like' you on fb!

Brittany T.

i usually like to give homemade treats to my neighbors--this yr i'll be whipping up dark chocolate chip pumpkin cookies..i too also make cute little tags to tie around the handles of the gift bag with raffia.

Brittany T.

i already am a follower on facebook and love all the great ideas from express the moment. thanks for this chance to win! :)

Monica R

I love your orange and lemon neighbor gift idea! I love neighbor gifts I can eat. My favorite gift I received was homemade chocolate covered popcorn.

Monica R

I left a comment on alicia's blog


super cute!


I've never really had close neighbors... we lived away from most people in the sticks... But I found the idea of stamping washers with the alphabet metal stamp things... I'm going to be trying it for us. I love the papers you're using!!

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