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December 05, 2010


weight lifting benches

Great pics! I bet you enjoy the day! Same as you, I also love Holidays, most especially Christmas Day and New Year's Eve. These two glorious holidays play an important role in almost everyone's life. Me and my family used to celebrate the holidays altogether by holding a thanksgiving week from 25th of December up to 1st of the January of the following year.We tour at the different parks and leisure places near our area and love to take pictures in each site. I hope to share the pics too - maybe one of these days.

Tammie A.

Christmas will be different for me this year as my mom and my youngest daughter passed away. I will take one day at a time to breathe,reflect,remember and be grateful for these two lives that I was blessed to be a part of. Kim you are so right there are some things that are just not as good as Mom's. It is all about family and Christmas is my most favorite holiday. As crazy as it can be it is what we want it to be. To me it is such a magical time (I Believe) I love the music and excitement and lights and the TV shows that cause us to reflect. May we carry the true spirit of (Christ)mas with us all year long. Love to you and yours and that cute husband. Friends forever and always, Tammie

Nancy Keller

Love your pics and your story. :) I love Christmas, but it's not necessarily my favorite either. Both Richard and I have jobs that make Christmas kind of a mess. He works for FedEx (overnight express) and his job is a nightmare between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Working at the hospital for me is also not very condusive to Christmas most of the time. This is my year to have Christmas off... let me elaborate on that, I don't actually have to work Christmas morning, but I have to go to work on December 25th at 11pm. The 3rd shift on Dec. 25th is not considered a holiday, but I have to be there just the same. For us and the kids, Christmas is usually time later during the break between the 25th and 31st. We have our dinner and presents and celebrations just like anyone normally would on Christmas, just on a different day. In a way it is kind of fun because it's not really the day that matters, just the time spent together and the fun times that we have. Last "Christmas" the four of us spent all day playing "Rock Band" together - this year maybe it will be a new game or something else fun? I hope that your trip is fantastic. . . have a great time and Merry Christmas!


Good, good post!! I am glad you reminded me to take time to simplify!! I have felt sooo overwhelmed the last 2 months and each night I ask myself how in the world will I ever survive having 5 GIRLS!! It's so expensive and I wonder if I am being a good Mom and giving enough attention to all the girls. SOOO long story short, thanks for reminding me that family is important and I am going to REALLY try to NOT be so uptight and stressed and enjoy the Holiday more.

Heather Vance

I love Christmas, although it is not my favorite. I too will be missing out on some "traditions". Traditions that my kids and I were very fortunate to have. A tradition that can never be duplicated. My amazing dad spent 25+years opening his home to the community. I miss taking my children there and letting them bask in the excitement of the young and old alike. Last year, due to declining health, my dad announced that he would no longer do his train/village display.(he told us kids in July and it took me seeing it in the paper to believe it) I miss sitting quietly in his kitchen as guests would pass through to his basement to see his beautiful "city". I was always so proud to be a part of it. My children grew up helping "grampy". My daughter learned to rewire numerous electrical items. She new which switches on the control panel ran which train, turned on which dancing character or just started the whole display. She would help her "grampy" for months beforehand placing each item in just the right place. She took great care in hiding the monkeys for the school aged children, but couldn't resist giving clues (or sometimes just flat out telling them). I know my son will always remember the first time he got to man the trains. What little boy doesn't love a Lionel trains? Things are definitely simpler this year. We never forget to call to see if my dad needs anything from the store, making stops that were not planned. At this point he probably thinks my sister and I go to the store way too much. There is more time for talking this year, more time for service. We still have our dad, but the days are not promised. We know that. There is not time to get wrapped up in the worldly demands. Christmas is a time to reflect, may we all find peace this holiday season.

Bonnie Foy

Every year I take home made hand dipped chocolates and home made toffee to all of the neighbors. I grew up in a dysfunctional home and the only thing that was steady through out the years was every year my mom would make her Toffee. I am now learning how to do it so I can pass it on to my children one day!


Love the pictures. Same as so many others we are going to try and spend less this year. I told my kids that my gift would to just spend time with them and their family. I am blessed to be able to spend Christmas day with them and my immediate family at my sisters. It is always rushed because everyone has to split their time with other extended family.

Tina  M.

This year christmas will be at our daughter and her families home, they just bought and moved in to their first HOME! We are tooo excited. To simplify, we are baking together, my daughter, my future daughter in law and hopefully my sister and her niece, this way we can all do something different, share and have tons more for less work!!!!! I love the post and the way you made me stop and think about things. Thank you!

Brittany T.

i love your honest in your post! This christmas will be a bit different as i have cut down on mailing cards (some people I will send a simple email greeting) as well as am buying less gifts and doing alot more baking treats as gifts. hugs to you this holiday


Aww, such a nice post. I have a love/hate relationship with the food pictures (you know why) but I love all the rest. Don't you worry though. My brown gravy out of a packet was AWESOME!

Kim Rose

Katie.. when we come we are making dinner. OK? Promise. We will do it Monday. Star making the menu. I will do all the work. xoxoxox

jen shears

great post, Kim! For some reason, this is always a tough time of year for me too. My husband says it's the weather (I think he secretly wants to move south!)....
Our little one is 5, so it will be special- but we are trying to minimize all the spending! We've been making lots of gifts (felt flower pins, glitter ornaments) and will start the baking soon!
Good luck- hope you can find the joy!

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