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November 17, 2010


Cindy Mathews

I am greatful that my body isn't in worse shape than it already is and that i don't have the health problems that others must face.

Kelly Massman

I love the quote!

I am grateful for my family-they mean the world to me!

Anita Gantt

I am so grateful for my family also, but I am grateful to have a returned missionary just 6 weeks ago and a son going to serve in February. Missionaries are awesome!!!


I am grateful my family as well, but I am also extremely grateful for a warm and comfy bed to sleep in each night. It's a blessing to be able to cuddle up and sleep away the stresses of the day. :)

Terressa T.

I have been keeping a gratitude "journal" since the 1st of the month! It's been great to write down all things, big and little that I am grateful for. Today, I am grateful for photographs! I have been trying to catch up my scrapbooks-I'm only 5 years and four children behind, but it's been so fun to conjure up those memories by seeing the images captured!

Wanda Contreras

I'm very grateful of my mother!!! Through the years she being there for me. She became a widow at an early(age 32) and never got marry again. She raised 3 daughters with the best education and family values. Lately, she has being through s lot. But no matter what, she has a positive outcome that is contagious. Without her, I wouldn't be here.
I hope that God bless her with more years to come.
best regards,



I'm thankful for my health. God is so good. I have always been blessed to have good health, but recently had to have surgery, which reminded me how much I have taken it for granted. I am thankful for the skilled hands of my doctors, and for the miracle of modern medicine that two weeks later, I'm almost back to my normal crazy schedule.

Brittany T.

I am so thankful for my grandparents. My grandpa is 75 and my nana is 72. My grandpa drives them to come visit me every wednesday. They also live about an hour away. I don't have the best of health situations, so they come and bless me with their visits. They help me so much and have always been there for me, since I was a baby and I am nearly 30 now. I love them and am grateful God has given them as grandparents to me.


How lovely! I appreciate all your sharing! I am very grateful for my family as well! I have so much to be thankful for! God is so good! :o)

jen shears

I love the pics, Kim! What a wonderful family! I too am so grateful for my family!! My daughter is only 5- and I ALREADY wish that time would slow down!! I'm also SO grateful for my parents! I've been very lucky to have the most supportive parents. My Dad's birthday is this Sunday- and while he will only be 65, it made me stop & think how GRATEFUL I am that they are such an integral part of my life- still! (enough- I'm tearing up too!)
Happy almost Thanksgiving, Kim!

Stayce Kneebone

I'm grateful that I have my plane tickets in hand and that my family will be traveling home (Idaho Falls) for Christmas this year. Grateful for the opportunity to spend some time with family that I don't get to see often enough! Grateful for the opportunity to have a "white" Christmas!

Katrina  G.

I'm grateful for my health, my supportive family, my amazing friends...and for the fact that it doesn't snow as much in NM as it does in Idaho, lol!

Tina  M.

Right now, this moment I am as always greatful for our GOD and the power of prayer, we almost lost my sister 2 years ago to a brain anurism, she survied, has struggled but she is still with us. She is my scrapping partner. Her and her family will be spending Thanksgiving here in Idaho with our family! If I win, we split the goodies. I can't wait....Thank you for the chances.

Brett Quinton

I am so thankful for my family. I can't wait for all of us to be together again at Thanksgiving. :)


I am thankful for my good health, family and friends.

Tina  M.

My family, friends, health and most of all GOD and prayer....We almost lost my sister, my best friend to a brain anurism, she is a miracle and has a huge struggle ahead of her but she is alive. Her and her family will travel to Idaho to have Thanksgiving with me and my family. She is my scrapping buddy and we always share our supplies. Thank you for the chance to win a great line.

Summer braxton

At this very moment, I am grateful that the morning sickness has passed.... At least until I take my vitamin. Ug.


Your post made me tear up! Teag and Mike aren't even my kids, yet I have been around them since they were born and the thought of them leaving for missions and college makes me SAD! I will CRY for the entire 2 yrs they are gone. They are truly some of my favorite people, they have been so good to me, sleeping over when I was first divorced, running errands for me, babysitting, hangin out!! I LOVE THOSE BOYS!!! ps..I do love Katelynn too!!! She has turned into a sweet 6th grader, really fun!!

Nancy Keller

Kim I am greatful for YOU :) Thanks for sharing. . . I am passing along a little blog award for you because this is one of my very favorite places to stop by. Big hugs!

Monica R

Today I am grateful my husband was able to work from home because I ended up getting a flat tire and he came right to me to put on the spare. I have started listing what I'm grateful for on my blog; it's basically my journal anyway.

Diane Standish

I have kept a journal for many years, and every day(almost) I write in it. So much to be grateful for-my husband, my children, my home and land, a warm bed to sleep in, enough food to eat, the ability to help the people I love....

Monna Casper

This year I am having Thanksgiving at my house. In the last several years we have gone to one of grown kids house and last year my parents house. I have forgotten how much I enjoyed preparing the food. Today I made 6 pies with the help of two of my grand children and my niece. The girls help with the pumpkins by taking out the seeds and then helping the process of turning them into pies. Simon my grandson had a big job of tasting everything. My Daughter drove from Boise today. We prayed for safe travel when we called to tell to wait and see what the weather was like only to find out she was over half way her. I thank God everyday for my family and my walk with him.

cindy barriga

I am grateful for mine and my families health. We have all been well for so long its almost scary but I am loving it to. To many relatives and friends have not been so fortunate lately. I take all the little pleasures I can in my life. :D

marie sierra

hi kim! what beautiful pictures of your beautiful family! please know that those feelings of even thinking about your sons heading out the door as painful as it may feel..well know in your heart that you and your husband have raised them both to be such awesome young men that they will do well in their future endeabours/adventures..and that will be thanks to you...wishin you a happy and blessed thanksgiving...marie

marie sierra

i am thankful every minute of every day that i have my dear sweet ,husband herbie sierra jr at my side as we struggle thru our recent move. i could not have done this with out his strength, sense of humor...just a few more days and we will be in our new home...

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