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March 25, 2010


jen shears

Good luck tomorrow! All I can really say is *UGH*! Can't they just stay little? You're lucky that Katelyn has a sweet, no drama friend- so incredibly rare- especially in girls!! I'm sure it will go well- and your kids are very lucky to have parents they can talk to & question! :)


The nerves wear off soon, I promise. I learned that the more I bugged Kayla to "talk" the more I annoyed her. I just reminded her a lot that she can always come ask me ANYTHING!! The 5th grade movie is more about PMS and in 6th grade it's about sex. One idea is to have her talk to Ashley since they are buddies. Obviously you would need to be present or ar at least close by.


Uh KIM, the movie here has NOTHING at all about sex in it and if the state of Idaho does allow this in 5th grade, I'd throw a fit! Ashlee already had hers and it was only about the changing body, carring a purse to school, taking showers more often (I am sure several teachers has a say in that part!) etc. NO BIG DEAL.
It was harder for me to talk to Ash then Lys. I think it is becasue I see Ash as the baby still. I guess she isn't!

alicia king

wow...you are brave! I totally remember the video we had to watch, but it was NOT about sex...it was about periods ugh! I was super grossed out! So I don't really know if my mom knew completely what they were going to talk about, maybe she did think they were going to explain sex, because when I got home, she asked what did I think? And I just said "ross'.she said 'I know' and I went off and played! I was very naive and never got 'the talk'! Can you believe that!

Jennifer Neilson

hi Kim,
I had to take Cameron to his film cause his dad wouldn't and Cody wasn't home. So, at least you are a girl and she is a girl :). The film we watched was mostly about having boday odor, how girls are different from boys..not really about sex at all. I was embarassed cause he had to go with his mom. I wish you luck!! ;)


hi kim...please try not to worry too too much..it is so hard to let them grow up, but guess what? they do, whether we as parents approve or not...so..after the movie..perhaps take your daughter out for "girl talk"..let her express her concerns , questions, even curiousity about the film and its contents. believe it or not this will be a bonding moment for you and your daughter as friends...marie

Tammie Andreason

Your going to survive her being a teenager one day at a time. I remember asking my mom and I also swore I was never doing that and I was not having kids at all. Lol.

Jana Patterson

You will survive and she will turn out great. My mom didn't have that talk with me either... I think it's better to be proactive but very open with your kids so that if they have questions they come to you for clarification as opposed to listening to their usually-wrong friends. :)

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