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August 29, 2009



So, do you have to take her to her appt. and wait with her? How does that work? I think it's a GREAT idea! Olivia is like that too, LOVES dogs and cats (and all animals really).

jen shears

Good for you AND her! I love hearing people teaching responsibility!!! :) I hope to do the same....


That sweet girl of yours - I just love her. What a great opportunity she's created for herself. When is she going to come babysit my girls? Jenny's girls LOVE LOVED her. She's a keeper!


gotta make them work to earn their keep right? She will be really good at the dog walking thing. Make the boys take her to her job though.


that is awesome! It sounds right up Katelyn's ally....she is such an animal person. I bet she gets pretty busy with her little business by next summer. I would pay someone to walk Max if I did't have kids myself! Good job Katelyn!

Emily Stephens

How cute! What a great way for her to make some money and I agree, it is so important to teach your kids how to work. Too many parents these days seem to just hand things to their kids. It makes them very unappreciative. I see it at the school a lot. Katelyn is such a sweet girl and was such a big help when she was here. I think I still owe her $5. I will send it to her. : )

amanda gibson

How cute!


very cute! go Katelyn!

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