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August 15, 2009


Carey E361

What makes me happy right now.......coffee. It's still early.


Right now I am happy because I am relaxing and sipping a cup of coffee while reading my favorite blogs!

Tricia Varvel

The kit looks awesome! I'm glad your nephew is still doing good. I hope the surgery goes well.
Reading the same books as my kids makes me happy. It's so fun to be able to talk about them when we are finished :)!


After hearing a touching poem on the radio this morning about a Dad dropping his little girl off at kindergarten for the first time, I'm happy that I still have several years left to enjoy my little boy at home! It's easy to think and plan ahead for the days when he'll be off at school and think of the things I could get done, but the poem reminded me that it will also begin the gradual stages of life and leaving the nest. So today, I'll eagerly run home to give him a lasting hug and kiss and enjoy every minute of it!

Robyn Longhurst

My garden makes me happy right now. I feel overwhelmed with the weeds and maintenance at times, but I'm so excited that it's producing and that I can see some of my hard work. I'm happy when I'm in my garden.

Leslie Samana

I would honestly have to say that happiness for me this year even dispite ALL the tradegies in our family this year, would have to be realizing that I came here to Idaho to live near my family. I realized this the most when my mom had gone thru her cancer for a 2nd time. I was able to take her to her radiation appointments and spend time with & show her how proud that I am of her!! Happiness is also having the strength to leave my abusive marriage of 15 years and finally meeting a man that takes such wonderful care of me and treats me like a princess. A man that treats my kids like they are his own, who calls them his children. I am honestly thankful & blessed to have WONDERFUL parents & a loving family to be surrounded by!!

Lynette C

Right now at 9:52pm what makes me happy is that both my kids are asleep and I can have some me time :>


It's the little things, a wonderful husband (who turned 29 today), 3 little mischievous boys who I just adore, and fun creative projects. Love it all! Kellie from Vegas

Nicky from Canada

I am happy it is still summertime, although we had snow in the forecast last week.

Rhonda H

Blog writers who give away free kits! I'm thankful for that! But really, fresh local summer tomatoes. Soon, we'll be back to the "plastic", bland, hothouse tomatoes. I'd love to win.


What makes me happy right now is still having my mom with me. I love seeing her face when me or my daughter bring her Great-grandkids over to visit. She told me the other day when she knew Kristen was coming with the baby that "It was better than winning the lottery!" How special is that.

Jerri Lu

I love being alive and having such a wonderful family. My siblings and I are very close...even more now that our parents are both gone. Our immediate family is close and we have lots of fun being together. Two of our sons are getting married within the next month and that makes me happy to see them happy. More opportunities for our family to get together! I love my grandchildren and they make me happy too. If everyone would smile more we all would be happier....smiling is contagious! Thanks Kim for having contests...they always make me happy too!


I am happy right now that the kids are in bed (even though the baby is crying). I am happy to be looking at blogs, something I like to do. I am happy that I have a healthy family. I am happy that Scott has a job in this tough economy. I am happy that Scott had a week off work and we got to spend lots of time together!!

Julie Baker

Hey Kim great Pages! I can't wait to get mine! I hope ya have a great time with your Sister and family!
I am happy that I have a loving family, that is there for one another. I am happy that my kids have turned out to be responcible,kind,self sufficiant individules. I am happy that I have an amazing husband,that takes care of me and is always there for me!
Thanks kim for yet another great game!!!!!


I'm happy that I have a loving family who appreciates my love of scrapbooking, especially a husband who will go to random scrapbook stores with me and actually look at what they have instead of waiting in the car and telling me to hurry up.


I'm happy right now because I two really sweet little girls. Who I love more than anything.

Jessica P.

I am happily blog surfing, listening to the rain, and enjoying the peace and quiet while my 2 year old naps....such blissful ME time! Thanks for the chance to win! This kit looks awesome!


Actually right now scrapbooking in my scrapbook room makes me really happy! Being able to CREATE!

fran heupel

Right now what makes me happy is spending the last week before school starts with my girls and just enjoying the free time without any schedules or homework.

Fran Heupel

jen shears

I just opened the winnings from you & that makes me GIDDY!!! Thank you so much!
I hope your time in AZ goes well.
Something silly that makes me happy- coming home from vacation & seeing that my yard survived thanks to sweet friends! They make me happy!


Right now I am happy because my 2 year old Isaiah is home from the hospital and off of oxygen. He is breathing on his own.

That makes me SOOO happy!


Right now I am happy because my boys are out and about and I am scrapping! Yeah!


Right now, I am happy that tomorrow is the first day of school and I seem to have a really nice class this year!


What makes me happy is spending time with my family- and reading scrapping blogs!


Summer also makes me happy and I am already seeing the leaves changing colours and I am not ready for fall!!!

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