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August 15, 2009


Nancy Mackey

a few things that make me happy right now... Thinking about the kit I won from you(even if all I've done so far is open it and look at it a few times) My husband helping my kids what they want to talk about when we all talk in sacrament meeting tomorrow. The book I am reading by the same author (Marrilee Boyack) titled Strangeling Your Husband is Not an Option; admit it- the title even made you smile!


I love Amanda's layouts! She always does cute ones!
I'm happy to have a weekend at home. I'm happy to see all the veggies growing in my garden and the jars of canned berries and veggies. I'm happy the bathroom is clean.
Enjoy your trip!


I am happy about moving to Washington tommorrow and being with my hubby again. We are getting back to being a real family and fixing things long gone by the wayside.....putting US first!
Beth Burns

Lee Cockrum

Things that make me happy are family and friends. And time to relax with my crafts! Thanks for the chance to win!


I found you thru Wendy Sue's blog. Thank you for sharing your kit! Reading and scrappin make me happy, also spending time with my family.


I am happy because I have a happy healthy newborn baby in my arms....it doesn't get any better than this!

Jennifer Wyatt

starting back to school, going out to dinner, hearing frm my daughter in AZ.


refolding and organizing my fabric hutch... daydreaming of new projects.

Heather Ippolito

I am happy because I have a husband who loves his family and his job, I get to be a stay at home Mommy, and my little one just began a preschool she loves!
Thanks for the chance to win!

Brianna T.

I'm happy that I can be a stay at home Mom for my 2 children!


hearing my grandson say, "I love you to pieces."

Christine Scott

I am happy for cooler weather today! I am happy that 2 of my grandchildren came to visit. I am happy I got to spend quiet time in the raspberry patch today and for the beautiful berries I was rewarded with! I am happy for the beautiful huckleberries my husband and daughter brought home for me from their 4 wheeler ride. I am happy because I cleaned a whole garbage can of junk out of my house today!

cindy barriga


jen shears

Hearing my daughter's laughter makes me happy to no end!


My husband and my boys make me happy. Love the kit!


My children and my husband and just being here living life!


My happiness today was found on the soccer fields! My boys played in tournaments today! Not only didi they have individual success ont he fields but their team spirit was amazing! Love my boys!

I am going to have to check out that book!

Judi V

My happiness today was talking to my oldest child, who turned 27 day and hearing the joy in his voice - and only because he heard mine. He makes my heart full, as do my 2 other children; it's just so nice to know that your children love you just from hearing the tone in their voices. I am also happy for my youngest 14 year old son as today he was told he gets to play his favorite position in football this, his freshman year!!

Can I just say that Amanda's layout is beautiful - I hope you have a wonderful visit with your family and that for your nephew he is totally healed and doesn't have to endure any more surgeries. Judi


My oldest son is getting married in three weeks. We had so much trouble with him when he was 16 and 17 and it makes me so happy to see what a precious young man he has become...responsible, kind and generous! He is marrying a lovely girl and we love her and are proud of them getting married.


A good nights sleep makes me really happy right now. Sounds silly, but it's been a crazy few weeks and sleep somehow makes it all run a little smoother! ;)

April Scism

I have so many things that make me happy right now that it is hard to choose. I'm happy that I have a husband and family that loves me. That I have finally gotten full custody of my teenager after being without him for so many years. For having a job and friends that I love. I'm happy that our family is giving my husband a chance to pursue his lifelong dream. And i'm most happy that even though I know things aren't perfect right now they will eventually get better as long as we stay strong.

Mary Jo

I just found your blog from Wendy Sue's. What makes me happy is being with family...my dad, brothers, sister and their families. Thanks for the give-away!

Lee Mills

Hi there, MY FAMILY makes me happy - its as simple and uncomplicated as that - of I didn't have them to laugh with and cry with life just wouldn't be the same...Love what you have done with this fabulous kit...ooohhhh I hope I win..pick me, pick me xx

Tammie Andreason

Life makes me happy, my children their spouses and my beautiful grandson make me happy. My son texting me pictures of my grandson while they are in California makes me happy. I miss the little guy. My church makes me happy. Knowing there is a crop in October when I can be with my friends again makes me happy. Love ya Kim


Right now I am happy to not be working! It's been a struggle, but we're getting through with the loss of income and I've been spending better quality time with the family. Sometimes it takes a negative to make a positive!

Jenn in Vancouver

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