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May 05, 2009



hey Kim! What a cute picture! Hang in there girl, it is tough to miss someone you need the most. But you are a strong woman. I am always thinking of my grandma, everyday. She past away 9 years ago, and it still feels like yesterday. Anyway, I always love your posts!

Amy Bailey

Hi Kim, I just found your blog through Ali Edward's blog. I'm sorry to hear about your mom. My husband lost his dad 2 years ago this month. The feelings are still fresh, even 2 years later. It can take a long time, I am told.

Anyway, I have several memories of my mom, and the things she did for me, but one in particular stands out in my mind. On my 17th birthday she took me on a trip, just the two of us. We only went a few hours from home, but we stayed at a motel, and she really spent time getting to know me, and the teenager I had become. I had somewhat rebellous teen years, so this was a good idea on her part. I remember her taking me out to eat (which we never seemed to get to do with 4 kids, and foster children to boot), and she took me to a big city mall. I had never been to one. She gave me $50 whole dollars, which back then seemed like a fortune, and it was, for a family of our size. Oh, and we got our picture taken together at one of those photo places. Most of all, it is a memory that I will hold forever, as a day my mom spent entirely with me. My oldest son turns 17 this year, and I hope to do the same thing with him. In later years, my mom told me that my grandma did the same thing to her when she turned 17. Twenty-four years later, and I still remember every moment of that weekend. She is one incredible lady!


Kim...This picture was taken when we were at George AFB in Victorville....taken at the park on Base. Mom and you girls would often meet me at the park for lunch. Sadly, the base closed in the early 90s and all but a few housing units have been torn down. Those days were always fun and full of surprises. You always got lots of attention with your thick head of curls.

Pauline S


My heart goes out to you, the first mother's day is so tough. I lost my mom 12 years ago 3 weeks before my first child was born. I think of my mom alot as my daughter grows up and appreciate her so much more now that I am a mom and wish she was here to talk to. My mom and I shared lots of tuna salad sandwiches on toast, so I always think of her when I eat toasted tuna salad.


I always think of my mom when I look at my kids. That's to say I would think of her very often! Why so? Cause it would daunt unto me how much she has put in her love care and concern nurturing us. The part she has given out is unconditional and irreplaceable.


Lessons from my mom I will pass down to my kids:

1. nothing I did could ever be so bad that I could not come home.
2. there was always room for one more at the table (even though there were a zillion of us to start with). EVERYONE wanted to come to our house-- it was comfortable, welcoming, and even if we were just having a popcorn snack, there was always PLENTY.




I've been sent here by ALI!

My Mom died last February. So my mothers day is just spent with my son and husband. My husband usually has breakfast with his Mom--that has been their tradition for years.

laura j

My mom passed away in 2000 and it is still difficult on Mothers' Day. I have so many happy memories that I try to focus on. Thanks for offering the giveaway!


I always think of my mom for the reason i am now a mom with my dd going through the terrible twos i know it can be hard so i thank her in my heart all the time that im here today and feel what she went through and how she coped she inspires me


Hello there.
I, too, found your blog through Ali and am so sorry to read about your mom. My best friend {we've been the best of friends . . . sisters really, since neither of us has sisters . . . since we were about 10} lost her mom to cancer last spring and so I've kind of traveled that road this year as well. This will also be her first Mother's Day without her mom and I know from talking with her so often that your feelings this year and hers are just about identical.
Anyway, so many things remind me of my mom. I am so much like her. Each time I get teary and am on the verge of crying about pretty much nothing {I cry at everything!} I think about my mom who passed that lovely trait on to me. I know people appreciate it about me . . . and we all laugh about it, but I wish sometimes that I had just a tad bit of control over it. It just comes on out of the blue and drives me batty. Anyway, I have many things that remind me of my momma, that's just one of them. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful mom and friend too!


Hi Kim- I also found your blog from Ali.
I am one of the lucky ones that still have my mom. There are lots of things that remind me of her. A funny one is everytime I look around and the kids have left the ALL the lights on - from the laundry room, down the hall, bedroom, bathroom and I am turning them all off I can hear my mom say, "Turn off those lights! Do you think we own Gulf States!".(the electric company) I use to always think to myself I will never say that to my kids (wrong!).


Hey! My mom raised my brother and me by herself and did a great job at it! She worked three jobs so we could have everything we need.

Marie Phillips

Hi Kim!
I followed a link from Ali's blog to find you here. I am blessed to still have my Mom with me. I think of her every time that I look at my 2 yo daughter, and hope that I will succeed as a mother as she did. Whenever I have a difficult decision to make regarding motherhood, I think of what she would have done.....it seems to always be the correct choice!!!!
Sorry for your loss of your Mom - I lost my husband 2 years ago, so I know (somewhat) what you are going through - my prayers are with you!


I also lost my mom - it's been 6 years now. One of the best memories I have is how much my Mom loved my kids' sporting events - she was their biggest fan for sure!

ps - my baby is also named Katelyn! small world :-) but mine is 17! yikes!

Jennifer B.

Hi, I too found you through Ali's blog. I am extremely fortunate to not only have my Mom with me on this earth, but both of my Grandmas as well! My Mom is such an inspiration to me, my role model, the ideal wife and mother that I strive to become.

Susana Okada

I found your blog through Ali's post on her blog, and I'm glad I did. I'm very blessed to still have my mother with me, but I am very sorry for your loss. It's hard to pin point one thing that makes me think of my mother because she has so many wonderful things about her. In the fall I always think of coming home from school and smelling whatever wonderful thing she is baking that day. In the summer it is remembering her fear of water and how she would constantly be on the edge as my father played with us in the pool (oh, how sorry I feel now realizing how terrified she must of been for us since she would have been helpless if we got into trouble in the pool). My mother is probably the only person I know that is truly a prime example of alturism. I can't think of any way my mother could have been better.


Hi there, found you via Ali, I think fresh baked bread reminds me most of my mom. Not something I do a lot, but is definitely one of her smells.


Hello Kim!

I also found your site through Ali Edward's blog. Now I want to know everything that I have missed.

In answer to the question about what makes me think of my mother, that is a tough one. There are so many little things. She was one of those mothers that had little sayings for everything. Not just the old wives tales, but some that were uniquely hers. The entire famliy can go into a routine of her sayings on a moments notice, just by having one person say something close to one of her trademark bits of wisdom.



Hi. I found your blog thru Ali's. I am so sorry for your loss. Recipes I make or sayings I say all remind me of my mom. Very lucky to have so many memories.


wonderful blog!!
my blog is here, I'm giving a way a free book come and see! http://alifenrehearsed2.blogspot.com

My mom is still with me, she's 20 years older than me and we have a great relationship! One thing I love about my mom is how we laugh together.. there's no one on this earth that gets me, like she does. No one.. I love her to pieces.. !!! thks for such a generous giveaway!

Jess Hess

Mmmm. The smell of baking lasagna makes me think of mom. I'm glad I found your blog. Have a great day!


It's hard not to think of my mom when I see the photos of your daughter below today's contest post. I think my mom was a lot like you. She had a Daddy's girl, too, in me and she let it happen. She knew that there were just some things that could not change and she was happy for me to have that relationship with my father. Both of us were blessed because of it, just like you are. I miss her.


As many of the others I found your blog through Ali Edward's.
I love your monthly kits.
I lost my mom about 15 years ago. She never met my children
and I think about her often while playing with my own boys. I wish she was here now watching them grow. They would have loved her.
Sandi D

kenna niles

My mom moved a few states away last year and of course I miss her every day. She was the kind of mom that you don't see much anymore. She sacrificed a career to stay at home and be there for her family. I recently came across a photo of her hands from a senior high school portrait and it started me thinking about how much I have always loved them. For Mother's Day this year I made a canvas mini-book that included that photo and a poem I wrote about all the things that her hands have done for me.


Whenever my phone rings I think of my mother, because 98% of the time it will be her on the other end. I think of her when I can't seem to make myself do something she did--like a potentially messy art project. I think of her when living in a huge city away from all family just gets too hard and I wish we had unlimited funds to I could fly into the comfort of her home.

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