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May 20, 2008


Jaime M

You are an awesome person! Look at all the roles you fill in a day! I am glad you had a good time. I went to the Zoo last week with my 5 year old neice...Holy Cow...Never again will I go during field trip times. Infact, I was so tempted to walk right back out once I got in. It went well though. By the way...LOVE the store! Leann was very helpful and hooked me up with some fun things and ideas. Caleb and I are doing a project for Zane for Fathers day. We are excited to expand our creativity. I may be asking you a lot of "How To" questions.

Kim Rose

Thanks Jaime! You come in any time. I would love to help!
Thanks for stopping by. Hugs!

Natalie Thibodeau

Annie was very determined to have you come with her, she asked Quinn not to go because she wanted Aunt Kim "sooo bad."
Thanks for coming on such short notice. Annie had a good time and loves you tons!!

Judy Pasley

What a sweet story! What a wonderful aunt! It is so fun to love and spoil the neices and nephews....and send them home. You will be blessed! These are the things that they remember about you and someday she will realize that you took the time to do that for her. What a wonderful day for you!

Michele Flynn

What a wonderful Aunt you are. She is such an adorable little girl. I am sure that meant the worl to her :)

Emily Stephens

Ah, that is too cute!! That's is when I really wish I was closer and could spend more time with all the nieces and nephews! I am sure Annie had so much fun with you, her snack, her cute hair and the zoo!!

Terry Oler

Kim....that is so sweet to just drop the list and do the important things in life....I know that it was probably a hard thing for an overachiever like you to do...but I know it meant the world to your neice that she can always count on you....I think we often regret the important things that we put off for the things that can be done another day....or later that night! Good for you!!!!

Katie Flynn

I'm glad Annie knew she could count on you. She is definitely a yacker but at least she keeps you entertained!

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