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May 18, 2008


Jaime M

Ha! That is funny! I remember helping my mom fold clothes once and everything had to be done a certain way. For instance, the towels...They had to be folded from corner to corner and the tag HAD to be inside. If not, do it again. Also, you know on some towels how they have they decorative thing down the side? Well, they all had to be on the left hand side and all stacked nice and neat. Oh the many times I rolled my eyes at this and now I am doing the same thing! Even though your boys don't seem to care about a wrinkled shirt, they will some time down the road. Good luck!

Judy Pasley

Hey....Sounds like preparing boys for missions to me. Some days I would love to re-wind the clock and be able to do things different with my son. I did alot of stuff for him, stuff he could have done for himself...You go girl. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it!

Emily Stephens

Pa ha ha ha...finally taking your little sister's advice and not stressing over the small stuff huh?? I do understand however the stress of wanting perfectly folded clothes, but I do not have 2 14-year-old boys! I finally had to let Brandon's drawers go. Not worth the stress! Good job and I hope it helps!

Katie Flynn

Way to go! However, I will be looking for the boys wearing wrinkled shirts before I can completely trust you. :) I really wish sometimes I was more carefree and didn't fret so much over the little things but it's so hard to let go. You know, it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks... We just do what we can I guess.

Michele Flynn

You are so darn funny! Your posts just crack me up some days, it's good I need a laugh :) I know how you feel.

Natalie Thibodeau

I think it is good that you're making the boys do their own laundry!! I started to do the same with Kayla and she is all over it. So...okay!!

jennifer diaz

Ok Kim, I AM laughing. I will have to see this to actually believe it! Congrats on the new found freedom. I let go of the "drawers being neat" thing a long time ago. My drawers are still neat but the kids drawers look terrible and I just don't care....too much! I still go in and fix them once in a while....usually if company is coming and I think for some crazy reason they just might check the drawers. I would not want to be embarassed or anything!

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