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September 30, 2007


Jennifer Crabtree

Hi. To reply to your question about what the scrapbooking industry could do to attract people to the hobby: I think they should offer more beginner-level classes. I scrapbooked for years but was intimidated by all the products when the industry took off a few years ago. I took a 3-night beginners class at Roberts that gave me experience trying the tools, and the confidence I could do this. I bought a trimmer, some ink, punches and a page kit, and my scrapbooking really improved. You do a good job of offering classes and crops. I think every scrapbook store should do this. Maybe the product reps. should make regular visits to teach beginners. Thanks for the opportunity to comment!


This is easy to answer. Get back to basics. Quit making scrapbooking all about the PAGE. Enhance, not clutter, the photo(s). Get back to a LAYOUT of PHOTOS, meaning more than one picture on a page. Yes, one photo is appropriate at times but come on! There's more than one great photo of that event! Where's the journaling on many of the layouts? It's crazy to put all that time and effort into a layout and not include the basic who, what, where, when, why & how! The industry has gone astray and needs to get back to basics.

My .02! :)

Cindy in Boise

Jec Tyger

I think just making it more simple. People just get overwelmed and dont know how to use all the tools and products. They just need to focus on the pictures and the stories.

Angela A

Thanks for this thought provoking ?, and the chance to win the book! To answer your ? --- I have friends ask me all of the time about scrapbooking and express how they would like to do it but, "it's too time consuming and expensive." I always explain that that is the great thing about this hobby. You don't have to labor over each page, or be a professional photographer, or buy all of the latest and greatest in embellishments or tools. Paper, glue, scissors, photos and you're doing it! So, I guess what I'm trying to say is I'd like to change the misconception that scrapbooking is so expensive and time consuming. It is what you make it as anything else in life.... simply and enjoyable or expensive and laboring.


I love to scrapbook, infact you could call me an addict. Espically now that I have a darling little boy and oh so many pics. But the issues I run across over and over is most of the layouts in the scrap mags are one picture based and covered with embelishments and such. I think the industry needs to go a little more in the direction of focusing on the importants...the event, journaling, and the pictures. I will admit that I have many pages that I only have one photo and yes, I think are a work of art. But I don't think that that should be the main focus to graces most of the srap mags pages. Let's get back to why we started this fab hobby in the first place...preserving our families heritage!!!

LaNett N

This is a great question you ask??? It has been asked by many... I have been scrapbooking for about 8 years. I have so much stuff sometimes I have to tell myself do I really need more. I have family that come to my house and scrapbook once a month, It's alot of fun. The new ones that come always ask how much money have you spent on all this stuff and I have to tell them that it has been growing over the years, they need to just start out simply and grow with time. Most people that try fall fast in love. Just remember Keep it in your own style and simplicity.

Kim Rose

I am loving these answers. Oh... PLEASE keep them coming.
Thank you! C'mon.. that book is SO cute!


I am all for the simple. A couple of years ago I felt that my pages all had to be a work of art. Look like so and so's and was extremely dissapointed in them. After a long period of scrapbook abstinence I found Stacey Juliens book that reminded me WHY I scrap. Not for the magazines,not to published, not for my friends at the crop. I do it for me, for my kids and for thier kids. That's it! i found scrapping again and I am MUCH happier doing what I want to do. My style is developing into whatever i want ti to be. Simple is where I lean and have enjoyed more of my pages because the focus is on my pictures and my journaling, NOT on the latest paper cutting phase, or how much I can layer. I love it! So I guess what I am getting at is the same as the ladies who posted before me. Back to basics, the story of our lives...

Krista DuBois

I just read Stacy's blog and the comments of the people there. I also just read the comments here. I can see everyone's point. I do think the industry is way too focused on names. It seems like the same people always get their layouts published and everyone is coming out with their own line of paper, their own monthly kit etc. Dont we have enough to choose from?? I like the comments that this is a personal hobby. We need to quit focusing on what is popular and just scrap what we like using the products that we want. I think ETM does a great job with this because you offer many varieties of paper and lines, not just what is popular ( I dont like the Love Elsie lines). I also think that ETM does great kits that focus on the things of every day life (back to school, sports etc). Great job and keep up the good work!

Melissa Rhodes

I think the industry is going well but I do think we need to focus more on why we are scrapbooking. I scrapbook to remember the good and bad times. I also want my children to know who the people are in the photos. What happened in their lives and how important they are to me! i hope we can focus more on these things and of course I love new product!

Robyn Longhurst

HI Kim,
My answer to this question is very much the same as most others: FOCUS ON THE PHOTOS.
I can count on one hand the times I have put one photo on a page. Also, I want to look at someone's page and see the photo of the story they are preserving FIRST, then notice all the cute 'stuff' that helped make that page friendly and interesting to my eyes.
I'm in love with Scrapbooks, ETC. right now. They have so many page ideas packed into one issue. I look through it and then go back and rip out all the ideas I want to keep and copy. By the time I get through the whole issue, I have a nice stack of inspiration. They seem to still be focusing on some of the basics of scrapbooking and not always the trends and names first.
Thanks for asking.

Connie F.

I agree with all of the above. Beginning scrapbookers are overwhelmed with all the tools, techniques and products--and the cost to purchase "everything". I have also had many friends say they aren't crafty or artistic and can't make pages like in the books or they can't afford to buy everything that I have. I think beginner classes are great. Getting back to basics and not overwhelming that "one" photo on a page with way too many embellishments! I always take a lot of photos and want to include them all in my layouts. When I first started scraping, there was a local store that had "Technique Tuesday" classes. I loved them--I didn't even know how to use chalk or ink when I started and was so surprised when it was simple and I could learn the technique on something simple and not have the fear of ruining my layouts/pictures tying to figure it out at home. Can you imagine how I felt the first time I actually tore a photo and inked the edges!! I also don't have a lot of time to scrapbook and I find myself laboring for hours over one 2-page layout--I want it to be perfect (Something I HAVE to get over). I love the Scrap maps and Layout sketches. They help me plan a page before I get started. I also agree with the journaling. When my mom died, my sister and I made an album (actually ended up being 2) for our Dad's 70th birthday. We went though boxes and boxes of pictures and many we had no idea who, what where and when. And had no one to ask. It is so important to journal so down the line others will know who that person in the photo is and what was happening at that time in their life.

lori jolley

I would love it if we didn't feel like we needed tons of "stuff" on a page for it to be good. I really don't care how many photos are on a page - for me, I use a single photo if the page is more about an emotion or an observation, but for other things it just depends on what story is being told.
I really hate it when there are adorable photos that you KNOW have a story but the only thing on the page is the date and a cutesy title. I want to know the story - not just look at a cute page! And I think its silly when the embellishments don't match the page. If someone is telling about a "super star" moment, then why is the page covered in hearts? That just doesn't make sense!
I think we could simplify things a lot. The designers in the magazines and those who design for manufacturers have a job to do. That job is to sell product so they need to get as much on a page as possible, without much journaling and with a perfect photo. As a result we get it in our head that everyone has to get as much on a page as possible, too. But we don't really need to - although sometimes it is fun to use lots of products if it adds to the story.
I think we just need to be true to ourselves and tell our stories our own way!


I would love to see more basics, more emphasis on the photo and the story rather than the color coordinating papers with the matching ribbons and buttons and bows. Sure, it is fun to create a masterpiece sometimes, really go all out, but for me, most pages need to be quick, simple and give the general info of who/what/where/when. Simple is good sometimes. Also, I think the opportunity to get together more often as Moms, wives, sisters, daughters to just visit and create is important. There are always new classes on different projects and the latest and greatest new techniques but I love a good old fashioned CROP of women, their photos and own albums and a bowl of chocolate on the table to share!!! :O)
Darla in Idaho Falls

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